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I'm Claire

A Fitness Pro, healer, entrepreneur, and kinesiology dork dedicated to helping you get fit and heal injuries.


born and raised Cali-girl turned diehard Brooklynite who decided to leave her first career in Architecture, to help build healthy, strong, and capable bodies for anyone curious to learn.

Through 5-years of testing and incubating the method in a controlled studio environment, in addition to nearly 15-years of education, experience - including three certification trainings, and self healing several injuries, I developed KM BODY to help you achieve your healthiest self.



One of the Things I'm Asked a lot Is:

"How come no one is teaching like this!?"


After blindly following the instruction of many misinformed fitness instructors and subsequently suffering from multiple fitness related injuries, I knew I had to find out how the body truly works and the best way to exercise it.

My journey began when I started my first desk-bound Architecture job in San Francisco. After only a month, I began to feel back pain and the fitness I was accustomed to was no longer sufficient to relieve the aches and discomfort.  I turned to Pilates, and immediately fell in love, so much so, that I began a mentorship under my instructor. 

In just a under a year I had relocated to New York City and embarked on my first Pilates Certification while working full-time as an Architect & Interior Designer. It wasn't until 2 years later, that I took the leap, moved into a loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn and built out my first one-on-one studio. 


You have the ability to neurologically rewire your muscles to create lasting change in your body.



Your body is a succinct machine ready to take cues from you and perform. How you decide to use it dictates the body you live in. I believe that you are wholly connected, and that everything from your psychology, to your digestion & energy levels, to how your body looks and feels is directly related to one another. Therefore, how you move and exercise matters.

Through my training in Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and both competitive & recreational sports, I have developed a method that brings all facets of your body in to the way you exercise. Allowing you to enjoy any type of movement safely and effectively when approached via the Kinelogica Method.

See for yourself from our community at my recently closed studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called FIT + FLOW YOGA:


From this community and many others like yourself, I continue to learn, grow and expand the Kinelogica Method every day to heal and bring change to the misinformed areas of the fitness world.


I’ve decided to see the closing of my studio as an opportunity to bring KM BODY online to people like you, living all over the world.

I’ve just embarked on this journey and will be taking the summer to begin amassing a library of workout videos for you to enjoy. Till then, please enjoy my free form videos, catch up over at the blog, and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

I also have not been able to shake my love for Architecture and Interiors, so if you’re curious pop on over to my Pinterest page there’s even a few boards on fitness and healthy recipes!

If you’re in New York, check out my services and come take a class or private session with me!

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