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KM BODY Refine Week: 

We all have goals; mine is to be strong, capable and yet still feminine. What ever your goal is my KM BODY Refine Week is a great way to get work with me both privately and in a small group setting with loads of support.


The Refine Week is about creating a healthy connection to your body, using my science-based method to help you understand how your body works in relationship to gravity in both part and as a whole.  

You and I will meet privately to assess where your form and posture is a detriment to your goals, and what subtle shifts you can make during your day and in your workout. Throughout the group sessions you will receive specific adjustments and cues specifically for you based on our initial meeting. 

Group sessions will meet for 75-minutes and will consist of dynamic stretching, cardiovascular work and bodyweight exercises. These sessions will be difficult, and although everyone may be at different levels, everyone will be pushed to keep up at the same pace (where/when safe).  




During our initial meeting we will discuss your current eating habits and your body goals as they relate to your eating choices. A suggested eating approach and course of action will be given to you in advance of our first group session, so you can prepare and perhaps start early!

Your eating makes up 60% of your success in making lasting changes to your size, and ideally you don't look at this as a diet but as a lifestyle.  It is the only way to make a lasting and nearly effortless shift into the body you want.

In addition, you will receive a list of local restaurants with healthy items on the menu to choose from, as well as a list of some of my favorite cookbooks, and the option to purchase The Naughty + Nice Cleanse (which I love) written by Kathryn Sims, a Certified Holistic Heath Coach.


It's not going to be enough that you show up and follow the prescribed exercises and eating plan, your head must be in the game, and for the right reasons. 

This program is not for you to beat up on yourself, and hate on the areas you dislike. Instead we will be facing our lack of self-love (where applicable) and you will be challenged and encouraged to start loving the body you were born in. Know that all will not be fixed at the end of the Refine Week, but that you are starting/continuing on your journey towards 100% LOVE for yourself and your body - this is truly when you transform and the body you've wanted becomes even more effortless!

You will be given a suggested reading list to help you on your self-love journey.


At the end you and I will meet again to review your progress and you will be given refinements for further progress & ultimate success. We will also discuss any concerns you have regarding the future of your health and goals, and what comes next! 

LASTLY . . .

I cannot tell you how excited I am to offer such a wonderful program. It has taken me many years of practicing it myself to finally feel confident enough to lead you through it. Sounds odd, right? I am just like you, none of this has come easy to me, my motivation comes from seeking the same goals, and wanting to find a truly healthy and safe way to reach them.  The KM BODY Refine Week, is just a taste of what I believe your lifestyle should be like if you are to be strong, healthy and happy with the body you have!

With Love,
❤ Claire

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*As with any health and fitness program, it is highly recommended that you seek the consult of your physician before beginning this program. If you have any pre-existing injuries or health issues, please notify me prior to starting the program, as you may need your doctor's written approval to participate in The KM BODY Refine Week.