HUG: Real Close

A lot goes down every day in our lives, and sometimes you just need a hug, right? YES! Cause right about now I could use a hug. Remember when we were little kids, and if something sucked, i.e. someone was mean or we hurt ourselves, our parents were there to give us a hug, make us feel better and then we could usually move on?

Now a days it seems harder to let stuff go. Ugh that person did blah blah blah, and now I feel _____ (insert explicative). And then you just walk around with it, and it's eating you up...well screw that! Let's hug it out! This month is all about Spirit, your Spirit and the Spirit of others. Maybe we can give each other the boost we need by giving someone you know, or maybe don't know, a hug!

Ha! Like what if there was someone freaking out about their MTA card or missing the train, right? Give them a hug, plain and simple. Let's start a movement, hug a person when they are being ridiculously stressed out about something crazy. "Hey sorry your having a bad day, here's a hug." 

Not a bad idea, right? I know it seems bold, but we all walk around like "I got this life sh*t, I can handle my own, I'm going to be ok..." Umm, but maybe you need a hug anyway. Cause even if you do have it locked down, what's a hug hurt!?

I'm not going to pretend, life can throw some crazy curveballs, even when I want to be all hippy about it, and chill, and take my time, and move at my own pace. Sometimes the universe says "No! You're going to move at my pace today. BAM!"

Well as you can see, I am a day late on my usual e-blast of inspiration to you all, and I don't like that. I love sending out e-hugs to everyone, sending out inspiration to help you guys find balance in your life (p.s. it's inspiring & therapeutic for me too). So today I share my e-hug with you, Mmmmm-mmm! (that was supposed to be the sound of an e-hug). Anyway, all I can share with you today is that a hug would do the trick right now, and feel free to e-hug me back!

Every time I teach and share and connect with you all I am happy; you all make me happy.  I am inspired by your dedication. You show up, you're open, you learn, and you grow! You are awesome!

So keep doing what you do, and try adding a few hugs here and there, I challenge you! It's not only good for them, but it's good for you too!

I love you guys and feel blessed every day for you,
and our collective awesomeness!


With Love,
❤ Claire