Dropping the F-bomb

a calculated risk with unforeseen benefits

I was taking a risk putting the f-word in the subject line of my email last week.  It was a risk that reverberated deeper than I could have imagined.

The intention behind its use was to shake you up! To get you to see that eating well isn't that hard, and the stories we tell ourselves about why we can't do something is really just an excuse. It's an excuse to stay in the patterns that aren't serving us. I know this because I've got patterns to unstick too! I'm not perfect, and I don't try to write these emails to you as if I was - it would be insulting to your intelligence. 

I am who I am, and what I’m sick of doing is trying to be someone to everyone. I’m a recovering perfectionist whose roots lie deep in childhood experiences. And now that I am 35 years old, my perspective on things has shifted. I see clearly the torch that is getting handed on to me, and guess what, the world is pretty backwards right now.
Some of us see the world for what it is, and that’s why we want change. Whether we support certain politics, donate to charity, volunteer, or work jobs that are for the betterment of society, we see exactly how things have been run - fear mongering, racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, genocide, starvation, enslavement, sweatshop labor, greed, lies and war. And it’s all wrapped up in the package of what’s socially acceptable (f-bombs included).
But I wish not to accept this. Yes, I recognize that this is a long-term goal, much like the preservation of our planet; I may not be around to see it to fruition, but I’m ok with keeping an eye on the long-term instead of the short-term goals.
So, excuse me if I used the f-word. I’m glad I got your attention, and that we are having this discussion. We can disagree, but I just want authentic and real dialogue. I get to be me, and you get to be you. The button to unsubscribe is at the bottom of this email. If you do, I’m ok with that. You can also have your voice heard, share your opinion, and start worthwhile conversations like this one, on the KM BODY blog.
Am I writing to an adult audience? Indeed, I am. This isn’t a kids blog. Let’s say it’s a thirty-something’s take on the struggles of feeling lost in a society that sends women messages that we are not pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough, well-traveled enough to be of value in society. It’s the journey of how taking care of your mind, your body and your heart holistically and authentically can heal these social wounds and give vitality and strength to an otherwise weakened mind, body and spirit.

KM BODY was designed with you in mind. When we endeavor to increase our knowledge through learning, we deepen our capacity to self-heal. Every class I teach is filled with knowledge that I have obtained through my own experiences, and over a decade of research, certifications and trainings.



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With Love,
 Claire :)