Why I Closed My Studio

Good morning!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything in length, and it’s because I’ve been feeling discouraged. My whole journey has led me to a point where I had to shut the doors of a successful studio and sort of start all over (at least back to where I was 5-years ago).

It hasn’t been easy, so to sit here and write to you as if everything is alright, would be me just putting on a front. It’s hard to feel vulnerable and/or alienate a community you built through motivation and hard work, but I’m human just like you are, and I’d prefer to be real with you.

I thought this transition would be easier, and that I would see more of your beautiful faces in my weekly classes, but alas it’s the middle of summer and well I’m sure you’ve moved on to another studio. Look, I’m not giving up anytime soon here, but I’m going to be stepping back from writing a lot so that I can build online video content for you to enjoy whenever and wherever.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t relocate the studio or open a KM Body studio, so here’s the answer:

In the past 5-years, I became a giant ball of stress - cue the cortisol! When the doors first opened in 2011, I was teaching the majority of the classes, and having a hard time getting Yoga teachers to commit, since the clientele was not solid. Maspeth Ave was like the wild west, with abandoned building, tumble weeds, and all! No one knew where it was and how close to the L train it was situated. I taught the 7ams, which people would enroll for but never show up, in the afternoons I had to manage the business, clean the studio, oh and work my side job as an Interior Architect & Decorator (to help pay the bills), in the evenings I taught classes till 9:30pm. I would get about 5 hours of sleep and do it all over again the next day.

This continued for a couple of years, and things started to slowly build. I met Harold, who was a blessing, trained some wonderful KM teachers, and had some amazing people join the FFY team. As the studio became more self sustaining, I was able to take the breaks I needed. But it wasn’t enough, I was so exhausted by this point that the only thing I could do was teach my classes and private clients, keep the business running (payroll, taxes, sales, staff & client management, etc.), and sleep/be with my family. Forget trying to push my method ahead, continue to train teachers and develop better programs! I had used all the juice I had in the first few years of just trying to get the studio up and running.

So when I found out that the city had excluded our use in the space I was renting, I tried to search for a new space. Everything was 4x-5x what I was paying in rent, and there was no way I could sustain the business with that much overhead. I also wasn’t ready to open a KM Body studio, because I hadn’t been able to finish developing the method and train teachers. It was too much of a risk to get a loan and try to open a studio in Manhattan, and honestly I was beat! I didn’t have it in me to do it again, and start all over. I want to travel, and teach all over the world (if possible), and being tied down to running a location didn’t afford me the opportunity in the past 5-years, so why would it now?!

So here I am, feeling like I failed, my bank account dwindled back to living paycheck to paycheck, and recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. But I have the support of a pretty amazing person, my husband, best friend and life partner, and he’s supporting me (again) in this transition as I try and rebuild online. I’m so grateful to him and those of you who I get to see every week - thank you for your unwavering support! And to those of you who support from afar, thank you! I know that for whatever reason, you’d be here if you could, taking my classes or training with me one-on-one.

For now, I will continue to alert you to weekly classes, and share any teaser videos. My free exercise videos will be posted to the KM Body Instagram feed, which is also auto-post to the KM Body Facebook page. Follow either for your exercise pleasure!

Hopefully by this Fall, I will be up and running with online workouts!