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Single Class: $40
5 Pack: $35 / class
10 Pack: $30 / class

note: class size is limited to 4 people


A combination of Yoga, Barre and a new style of Isolation Exercises that deepen your abdominal awareness. This is an equipment-based class utilizing the KM SLING, KMX STRAP (sim. to TRX), and the BALLET BARRE. 

The focus in this class is to strength through length and control. Your flexibility will be challenged and you will learn how to control your abdominal muscles consciously through isolation techniques. Additionally, emphasis will be on breath, breath control and learning how to use the abdomen in conjunction with breath to find ease in more challenging exercises.

• This is the foundation for more challenging classes. All levels welcome •



Single Class: $30
5 Pack: $25 / class
10 Pack: $20 / class

note: class size is limited to 12 people


A combination of Yoga, Pilates, and an extra helping of intuition-based exercises - meaning this class is designed based on you! Yes, come as you are, I will assess the group's needs and the class will be a transformation of what serves us all best at that moment.

This class is intended to Nourish, so the exercises will challenge but not deplete or max you out. A wonderful way to reconnect, de-stress, and give your body what it needs in the moment. Usually offered in the healing setting of the outdoors.



A combination of Sculpting + Cardio with emphasis on Metabolic Training, Balance Training, Plyometrics, Cardio Dance, Body Weight Training with the use of Free Weights.

The focus in this class is to challenge the foundations of abdominal control and branch out into more challenging full-body exercises that get your metabolism pumped and burning calories at a higher rate.

• This is the foundation for KM BODY MAX. All levels welcome •



Not for the faint of heart, nor those with little to no strength - not a "slowing down so you can catch up" kind of class. We strongly suggest you consult with us first, as we do not want you to sustain any injuries from this Bootcamp style class.

Think High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), with Full Body Weight Exercises, and Flexibility Training, with a dash of Running + Jumping - full on sweat sesh.

• This is as hard as it gets! •


Class schedule is subject to change, and are booked only 1 week in advance. 
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